Sunday, January 29, 2012

Urban Junket Rocks My World!

Okay, for starters, I just have to say.... Urban Junket is AWESOME!!!
What do I LOVE about this company and product line? Only EVERYTHING. 

Back in September, I saw a review of the Laptop T.O.T.E 
 in magenta on and fell in love. We're talking, obsessive love. 

The cost of the bag itself was more than I normally spend, but I decided to treat myself. I've been on the hunt for a cute laptop bag for such a long time that when I finally found it, I couldn't let it get away. 

I was disappointed to learn that the spunky blue and white stripes featured in the Squidoo review were no longer used.  A couple of emails later,  and it was Robin Reimer to the rescue!

Robin recognized that when a girl wants striped straps, striped straps a girl shall have. She did the leg work and found some available, and that's when the real fun started. The straps were $15 each, and shipping for 1 lb from Minnesota (?) to Hawaii is $35, resulting in a total of $65. 

For straps. 

Cost prohibitive? Yes. 
Deal-breaker? Not for a second. 
The bag was too cute. 

All it took was a little creativity and the problem was solved. 
Shipping to Kansas (where my mom lives) is $11 and some change. 

Since my momma loves me, she sent them the rest of the way, no charge. :) 

The personal note from Tracy that came in the bag was sweet, and the packaging (sorry, no pic) was adorable. 

The T.O.T.E. and I became fast friends. In fact, we've been inseparable. 
"My name is Melissa and I am an Urban Junket Junkie". :)

       Even Darby's a fan. 

I wanted to use the bag for an extended period of time to give it a thorough review. So, several months later, here's the scoop:

Functionality: I give it a 10. A padded laptop compartment protects my computer, with room on each side for notebooks, etc. Since I carry two cell phones, I especially appreciate the two gadget pockets.  My favorite organizational feature is the detachable key ring snap. I haven't once had to dig for my keys.  Never have I been so organized. This alone is worth the price I paid for the bag. My only wish is that I had bought the larger size (but it wasn't available in this color at the time).

Durability: This back rocks. Definitely a 10. The coated canvas doesn't scratch or stain.  I don't have to worry about it in the rain (it rains a lot here) and it doesn't pick up cat hair. I was a little worried that Addi would try to use it as a scratching post, but she's completely left it alone. I'm hard on bags. This gets banged around and is still looking like new after daily use. 

Environmentally Friendly: Another 10, folks. The inside of this bag is made from 41 reclaimed plastic water bottles. The meaning of  T.O.T.E. is "To Observe The Earth".  I love a company with a sense of social responsibility. 

Customer Service: Hands down, another 10. Robin went above and beyond to work this out, she was personable and fun to work with. Not always the case in today's world of commerce. 

And last, but not least, 

The Fun Factor: A total 10, no doubt about it. My smile is bigger and brighter when I'm rockin' this bag. It puts a lil more pep in my step. Who knew a computer bag had such powers? 

It was worth every penny.

My only complaint?  I believe I have an addiction. 

New 2012 designs are available now. They have some beautiful new colors and great new designs. 
 Ellen Crossbody wallet in purple

Korri Carry-All bag in Grass

Korri Carry-All bag in Violet

Various colors available - Laptop T.O.T.E.

Robin Laptop Tote in Violet

Convertible T.O.T.E in grass
Robin Laptop bag in Grass

 I wish I could buy them all. 
Urban Junket, I only have eyes for you. 

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