Friday, January 27, 2012

The Shape Of Love

How wonderful it would be if this were actually true. And maybe technically, it is. Words alone, might be powerless. But how often are words spoken devoid of energy or feeling? Hardly ever. And strong emotion has the power to both create and destroy.

Masuro Emoto is a Japanese author who claimed that water, when exposed to loving, high vibrations, formed beautiful crystals.  Likewise, when  water is exposed to hateful, negative vibration or thought, it has difficulty forming crystals.

In essence, he claims that human consciousness can change the molecular structure of water.

This figure below is said to be a before and after picture of water that was surrounded by thirty people who formed a circle, clasped hands and recited to the water,

"Water, I love you."

 "Water, I thank you." 

"Water I respect you."

The first picture was before the prayerful recitation,
The second picture was taken after prayerful recitation.

 <------Water's response to the word CONFIDENCE.


                               Water exposed to the word HOPE----->


<----- NO GOOD

                         LOVE AND THANKS------->

                         "I WILL KILL YOU"------>




<-------------LOVE OF SELF

<------------ "DO IT!"

While the validity of these claims may be questionable, the greater question is, who can afford to speak with hate, if there's even a shred of truth?

"Love of Self"
"A person cannot love others without first loving him or herself."  - Masuro Emoto

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