Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where I'm From

I am from peace.

I am from sunshine and laughter.
I am from the Kansas country
From dirt roads
 and open fields
and their windy, moody skies.

I'm from grandma's farmhouse kitchen
I'm from Hee Haw, Sunday comics
and re-runs of Highway to Heaven. 

I'm from grandpa's belly laughs
from parade floats and swap meets,
from dairy barns and DQ dilly bars,
and I'm from hundreds upon hundreds of pigeons. 

I’m from afternoons splashing in the shallow creek,
from gooseberry bushes and tire swings 
I'm from softball games on summer nights. 
I'm from buckets of homemade ice cream
and jars full of lightning bugs.
I'm from home-sewn clothing and kitchen table haircuts. 
I'm from hayrack rides and weenie roasts. 

I'm from the infinite, playful, abundant universe. 
I'm from Charlie and Jessie, 
from Melvin and Clara
from Gary and Karen
I'm from a family gathered in laughter and love. 

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