Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to 2012!

"My goal and vision for 2012: more laughing, more fun, more quality time with friends and family. Take life less seriously and try more new things. Off to a good start.... did a DIY pedi, followed by detoxifying body wrap, and spent some sister time with Michelle Wentz. (Love you, sister-girl!) Hawea plans to play a little more this year too... She's drinking sake with the neighbors. ;) Are we dynamo or what?"

This was my first Facebook post of 2012. :) My last post of 2011 was about my father. The fact that I love him and miss him and even little things, like peeling an orange, bring him back to me. Literally a sweet way to finish the year. 

I don't have anything exciting or grand to write about , but that won't stop me anymore. To grow, and change, you have to be willing to venture outside your comfort zone. One foot at a time. Being more transparent, less guarded... these are also aspirations I have for this year. I might as well be real about it. :) 

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