Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just a little Juice

It's been a while since I've had any motivation or inspiration to write. I guess I need to lower my standards and write something, anything, to get the ball rolling again!

So, here we are, the ABC's of me!

Age: 35
Beach: Yes, please! As often as possible. Every day if i could. 
Chores that you hate: Cleaning the bathrooms
Dogs:  We have 3. Hoku, Jack and Tuxedo.
Essential start to your day: Coffee
Favorite color: Turquoise is my new favorite. 
Gold or Silver: Both
Height: 5'4
Instruments you play: I don't play any. 
Job title: Therapist
Kids: I don't have any, but I was one once! ;) 
Live: on the Big Island of Hawaii
Mother's Name: Karen 
Nicknames: Sunshine
Overnight hospital stays: More than enough for one person's lifetime!  
Pet peeves: People who aren't "real" 
Quote from a song:  "I may not have that much to give in material things, but what I have I give to you so freely. Shine on ,  Shine on. Let your light fill up this world til dawn." 
Right or Lefty: Lefty
Siblings: Two - I'm the middle of 3. My sister is 2 years older and my brother is 4 years younger. 
Time you wake up:  Depends on the day. Usually around 6 am or 6:30.
Underwear: the cuter the better :)
Vegetable you hate: taro leaves. (Is taro a vegetable?) 
What makes you run late: Not planning ahead and giving myself enough time
X-Rays You've Had: Wrist and ankle - during childhood - minor sprains
Yummy food you make: CHEESECAKE! 
Zoo Animal: Orangutans - they're awesome. Elephants are mesmerizing too. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Healthy, wealthy and wise :)

Well, one out of 3 aint bad, right??? ;)

So the push-up challenge was fun (for me at least). Turns out we're a competitive group of gals who kept pushing each other until we had limp, noodle arms.

This week, our challenge is walking. Whoever ends up with the most minutes logged for the week = winner! Today I went for an hour walk outdoors - lots of hills - (I love that about our neighborhood!) I also did a 30 minute Couch to 5K workout, crossing Week 2, Day 2 off the list. Because I had some time on my hands, I also threw in an arms workout - one I'd like to stick with for the next month or so and see if there's any real difference.

Food: I rose to the challenge and ate healthy overall today. It's different to be reaching for protein vs. my beloved sugary snacks, but I'm deciding that a bit of mindfulness is definitely worth it.

Breakfast: Peanut butter banana protein shake and a cup of coffee
Morning snack: Bumble Bee Tuna medley (lemon and black pepper) with crackers
Lunch: Spring mix salad with cucumbers, roma tomato, feta cheese and salad dressing
Afternoon snack: Handful of almonds and (blush) 7 Savannah Smiles (lemon flavored Girl Scout cookies)
Dinner: BLT on 5 seed bread and a stick of string cheese

Did I mention I sort of like food? ;)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday!! Woo-hoo!

I must have officially lost it. I'm excited, yet again, that Monday is here. It's that whole "fresh start" thing. :) So grateful.

It's a beautiful sunny morning on the Big Island, and I'm looking forward to making the most out of this day as I can.

We have a group on Facebook that is starting fitness challenges - and the inaugural challenge is PUSH-UPS!!!

Winner of this week's challenge gets to issue next week's. It's ON!!!