Saturday, October 6, 2012

Progress, not perfection

Ingredients for my 1st ever attempt at "Green Goddess" smoothie
In the interest of variety, I gave the juicer a break this morning and attempted a "Green Goddess" smoothie. The recipe comes from Kris Carr, (amazing survivor and author of Crazy Sexy Cancer. )

I altered the recipe a bit, subbing coconut milk for coconut water, even though I had the required ingredients. I was hoping it would make me like the end result more, since I've discovered I'm actually not a fan of coconut water. At all. I also played with the amounts - since the original recipe would yield 16 oz and I didn't want that much. Let's just say, I didn't do the math correctly and I still ended up with a shit ton of green smoothie that was an odd texture. Maybe it was from over-blending, and the ratios of ingredients were probably a factor too. 

That being said, it actually tasted okay. Very "fresh". If the texture had been better, I would've been able to drink more. So ultimately, it's worth another shot, I think. 

On to my lifestyle update: 
I weighed in at 115 pounds this morning. I've been drinking LOTS of water every day. I also am moving toward a daily practice of meditation, and unplugging from electronics by 8 pm on weekdays. I notice that after a couple of really good days, something inside of me thinks, "Hey, take a day off. Why be so good"? I don't know where that voice is really coming from. I probably shouldn't take my orders from it. Stress management and relaxation ... check!

Diet / nutrition update:
Breakfast yesterday: Smoothie made from coconut milk, blueberries, banana and a scoop of natural peanut butter
Lunch: Mashed potatoes and a biscuit from KFC
Dinner: A broiled hot dog

Not the best nutritional choices on the planet, but I suppose I could've done worse. Perfection isn't realistic, but progress is. 

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