Monday, October 1, 2012

Looking for an adventurous tailor

It's Monday again. Time to set some goals. I think the key to goal attainment (for me, anyway) is to view them as challenges instead of chores. The minute I feel like I "have" to do something, my teenage oppositional defiance kicks in and the task is toast. 

Case in point - my pants. I have a closet full of pants/jeans that I bought on sale with intentions of having them shortened so my 5'4" frame can wear them. The fact that I haven't followed through isn't a surprise. I pretty much hate altered pants because I've never found anyone who can make the alteration and leave the original seam intact. So, the thought of paying someone to get it "not-quite-right" bugs me, and the pants never see the light of day. 

Normally, I could let this go. In fact, I have for years. But now, I need the damn pants. My size 6's literally hang off of me and it looks ridiculous. I'm wearing a size 2 and I'm not sure for how much longer. I definitely need properly fitting clothes. 

My rebellious nature is in full swing now - because the logical thing to do is just go to the store and buy some. I'm not a good shopper. It gives me anxiety. So instead of grabbing the bull by the horns, I stew over it. Not exactly a set up for success. 

Photo tutorial from Do It Yourself Diva (Blog) on how to hem your own pants

Sew right next to the original hem 

Cut off the excess

Fold down the seam and iron 

Truly the only time I ever wished I knew how to use a sewing machine.
So my challenge this week is to find a tailor who will alter my jeans the way I want / like them. If I can pull that off, I'll be SO stoked! 

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