Friday, October 5, 2012

A relaxing (healthy) day

After yet another breakfast of fresh fruit / veggie juice, and morning meditation, I tried restorative yoga for the first time yesterday.  I'm really glad I went. I was younger than everyone in the class by a good 20 years, but it was still the class for me.   The instructor shared some meditation and visualization techniques that were really helpful, and then we worked our way through some poses, including some twists, which are great for digestion.

The class was great, and even better, so was the scenic drive to get there.  I had to follow the highway about 10 miles out of town, turn and follow a narrow road through some gated ranch land. Then I turned (by the cattle pens) to follow a long winding driveway up to the instructor's home/ attached studio.

The view from inside the studio was amazing: pasture and ocean as far as the eye could see. Such a tranquil setting, I couldn't help but be at peace. I snapped a few pictures as I was leaving.
Leaving the studio

Look closely -the ocean is pictured here - crappy lighting makes it hard to see. In person it was stunning.

I finished my day with some client sessions and I also fit in a little bit of relaxation at Wailoa park. For a busy day, it truly was a good one.

Feels like I'm getting my mojo back.... 

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