Saturday, September 29, 2012

The ghost of meals past

I will admit... I struggled yesterday. Liquid meals were not satisfying. 

They were full of wholesome, tasty nutrition, but.... they were LIQUID. Today I will focus on what I'm grateful for, including the fact that someday, I will again be able to eat meals like these:

Salad with feta, kalamata olive, cucumber, tomato

Tuna salad with cucumbers, walnuts, boiled egg

Chicken leg with mashed caulifower, steamed kale, fresh green beans

Salad with cucumber, tomato, lettuce, feta cheese, pepperocini, and tomato basil bisque

Pizza with spinach, cream cheese, canadian bacon, cooked tomato

Green pepper stuffed with black beans, quinoa, corn, onion, and side salad

Bowtie pasta with shrimp, sausage, tomato, zucchini and parmesan on a bed of spinach

Chicken leg with cooked carrrots, baked yam, fresh green beans, sauteed mushrooms

Shrimp tacos: shrimp with spicy sugoi sauce, avocado, cabbage, and sour cream  with pan fried wheat tortilla
Simple salad - mixed greens with sliced turkey and feta cheese

Lobster tail with steamed asparagus

Grilled veggie / sausage kabobs

Egg with fresh salsa

Sunny Cranberry trail mix (Almonds, dried cranberries, golden raisins, sunflower seeds, pumpkin kernels)

Salad with boiled egg, bacon wrapped scallops, tomato, feta cheese, pepperoccini and balsamic vinaigrette

String cheese and sliced turkey 

Homemade egg mcmuffin: English muffin, sliced turkey, colby jack cheese, mustard
Homemade chocolate cherry cheesecake

Strawberries stuffed which white and dark chocolate cream cheese 

                                                             Man. I miss food.

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