Sunday, September 23, 2012

Am I allergic to gluten or dairy?

Is it crazy to pray for a food allergy? "Please, let it just be a simple lactose intolerance".  I'm sure the answer to that is yes. But desperate people are known to do desperate things.

Yesterday I made a minor cheat to the liquid/gluten-free/dairy-free diet I'm supposed to be following. (I was hungry!) And I paid for it. Stomach swelling, gas. It wasn't pretty.

I found myself wondering how my body could react so strongly to .... food. Food! It's a requirement for life. Why is it so dramatically and violently rejecting it?

The ol' gut seems to be a fan of juices and broth soups. It's a challenge to get a full 1200 calories a day though. In 3 months I've dropped from 140 to 120 pounds. My food tracker estimated that if every day is like yesterday's caloric intake (which was high because of my cheat) that I would be down to 115 in 5 weeks. It's 9:20 am and so far I've had an 8 oz glass of V8 vegetable juice and 4 oz of grape juice, for a whopping total of 130 calories.

Vea is freaking out about the weight loss and it's stressing her out to keep watching me shrink.  It's true, I have only one pair of pants that will stay up. None of my bras fit anymore. I do need to invest in some proper clothes, but it seems like a waste of money to spend too much, when I don't know what size I'll be wearing once we get this figured out.

Which leads to today's mission.... shopping. Not my favorite sport, but necessary nonetheless. If only I had the energy and the $$ to really go nuts.  Wish me luck, I think I'll need it.

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