Saturday, September 15, 2012

The diet seems to be helping

So, it's been a better week, Crohn's-wise. I've actually had an appetite, consistently, day in and day out for the past several days. That's a big deal! I'd forgotten what it was like to feel hunger.

For the most part, my body seems to be tolerating the snacks and meals I've been choosing, and the encouraging news is, yesterday I actually reached around 1200 calories. I know the dangers of under-eating and it doesn't thrill me to have really low calorie days.

It appears that I'm on a better track than I've been on in a while. Avoiding (or at least limiting) starches, grains and sugars (for now). It's a daunting task if I think I have to do this 100%, for ever and ever. On the other hand, thinking that I'm just doing this today, for now, so I feel better, makes it easier. I've also added peppermint oil capsules with an enteric coating, (one, with water, 30 -60 minutes before eating).

I have to admit - in the morning and early afternoon I was EXTREMELY lethargic and sluggish. Bone tired. Exhausted, and even a little nauseous. To the point that I had to come home and just lie down. It seemed to wear off later in the day. I don't really know what that's about.... I guess I should keep track of those symptoms too. :(

Yesterday's food:
Breakfast:  1/2 cup coffee with creamer

Lunch: 2 thin hamburger patties with cheese, 1 strip of bacon, a couple dill pickle slices

Snack One: 2 tbsp Adams natural peanut butter with a drizzle of honey

Snack Two: 2 slices thin smoked deli ham, a slice of welsh cheddar cheese (a hard, aged cheese), a slice of lucerne monterey jack cheese

Snack Three: 3 Jolly Rancher hard candies

Dinner: 3 hot wings with a bit of ranch, and the toppings of a slice of Mediterranean pizza. I admit, I cheated an nibbled a bit of the bubbly end crust.

This was not 100% in terms of avoiding sugars, starches and grains, but it's a start. Seeing it in writing, it was a lot of cheese,  and the sugars from the candies, ranch and hot wing sauce aren't ideal. Even so, I had no distention in the stomach, no "D", no puking or vomiting, minimal gas. ( I cannot believe I'm writing about gas, specifically MY gas, on the internet). Such is the life.

I'm well aware this isn't an ideal diet by normal health standards, but if it makes my intestines happy, it's a huge improvement. Hopefully I can work more fruits / veggies into the mix soon.

I'm heading to the beach today, my happy place. Hoping that an afternoon of sun, sea and sand does a body good.

Where's YOUR happy place??

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