Thursday, September 20, 2012

Soup, grape juice and ginger chews.

So, yesterday morning after the great puke-fest of 2012, V's mission was getting me a doctor appointment ASAP.  I couldn't get through on the phone, so we made a trip down to the office, only to find it closed. Not to be deterred, we left and ran some errands and came back. They were still closed, but Dr. Stef was there - popped his head out when he heard another patient pulling on the locked door. 

We caught his eye and he came out to chat. We gave him the skinny, and gave me an appointment for the next day (today) at 11. I'm so thankful! It's definitely an unusual way to set an appointment but I feel hopeful that I'll be getting some help. 

For the rest of the day, I pretty much avoided solid food. I was so hungry and truly considered getting a burger from Burger King and eating only the meat patty. Thankfully, I ran out of time and didn't do it. I'm pretty sure my digestive tract is thanking me for skipping it. V made me a pot of SCD Chicken Soup (from the Specific Carbohydrate Diet). It's basically a bunch of chicken simmered in water with carrots, celery, onions and parsley. Then all the veggies are strained out. The carrots were then pureed and added back into the broth. For it being a plain soup, it was honestly pretty good, and I was a fan of the pretty orange color. The only thing was I felt so hungry and wanted to keep eating. 

Yesterday's calorie total was approximately 600, between the diluted grape juice, chicken soup and ginger chews I ate. Which explains why I am ONE HUNGRY MAMA today! 

Heading to the doctor in a little over an hour. Will update soon. 

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