Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Breakfast of champions?

Yesterday was a much better day. I think all of the resting / sleeping on Sunday helped. The day got off to a good start with meditation, and a simple breakfast of papaya blended with almond milk.

I also functioned like a "normal" person, meaning, I got a lot of household chores done. That was great because it's important for me to pull my weight, so to speak. I did three loads of laundry (including hanging it on the line), floors, dishes, and my checkbook. Not exactly earth shattering, but I haven't had the energy to do much lately. So it felt great to get all of that accomplished.

It ended up being a pretty low calorie day. The smoothie for breakfast:
Pretty orange papaya, thought my straw needed to match!

and juiced carrot/ ginger / celery juice for lunch. I had a little bit of chicken broth as well and a glass of grape juice diluted with water. Not exactly a nutritious day, but I wasn't the least bit hungry and couldn't fathom what to drink to get the calories up. So I just let it go. My best estimation is that it was a 500 calorie (or so) day.

I felt guilty throughout the night, knowing I need better nutrition than that to sustain me. So this morning, I bit the bullet:

Believe it or not, it tastes okay - which is good - since I see at least one a day of these in my future for a while. I wonder how the chocolate is.... I'll have to investigate and report back! 

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