Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It was a pretty good day!

For a Monday, this day rocked!

I started the morning with a cup of coffee, followed by a green smoothie. I must say, the smoothies are getting better, and I'm happy with the fact they contain a full day's serving of fruits and vegetables.

My first meeting of the day was with a youth on my caseload, his mother, and his probation officer. It was successful! After months of hard work with this family it finally feels like it's paying off. What a great feeling. :)

I had a parent session later in the day, followed by a run / walk in the heat of the afternoon. I'm being generous to call it a run. On the bright side, it was 75 minutes of sunshine. 75 minutes of freedom.

After that, I sandwiched in some errands with Jenn, then Kristi came over after work and we wrapped. She brought chocolate covered strawberries (Holy deliciousness!!!) and I finished the night in front of the TV, wondering how much longer it will be before Ben discovers that Courtney is a raging B.

Yep, that sums it up. It was indeed a pretty good day. :)


  1. I like how you said your run was one of sunshine and freedom. Thats how I look at mine too!


  2. hey sunshine! I am visiting from Angie's blog...saw your comment there. I love all things Hawaiian even tho' living in Michigan!! New follower here, hope you'll visit: