Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shine On

So, (deep breath), here's my confession: my office is a mess. Like, a hot mess. :( I've always been comfortable with a mild level of chaos. In fact, it made me feel free. But I recently realized that my disorganization is seriously costing me time and energy.

I've finally had enough. It's time to do something about it. 

Enter FlyLady: 

Her first step to becoming a domestic goddess: "Shine your sink". 

I had my doubts that a shiny sink would make me feel more organized, but I was up for an adventure. FlyLady says to use bleach. I cheated, and used Lysol kitchen disinfectant spray instead.

 I must admit, to my surprise, now that my sink sparkles, I DO feel a little more motivated. Since FlyLady claims that daily sink shining is key to keeping it all together. I'll commit to a week and report back. 

I also made a point of "getting dressed to lace up shoes" (another FlyLady tip). Such a small thing, but it seemed to make a big difference in my energy level. I tend to hang in my pjs on weekend mornings, but today I was dressed to leave the house (even though I wasn't leaving for hours).  I found myself tackling all sorts of projects - laundry, bathrooms, floors. I returned the recycling, went grocery shopping and stopped at Office Max to replenish office supplies. After that, I came home and started purging my office of it's clutter and chaos.

Tune in tomorrow for an update on my office makeover. (If I'm done by then, I'll share pictures). 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a sink that needs it's nightly shining. :)

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