Thursday, March 8, 2012

"I only have good days"

I read this somewhere recently and thought I should adopt the sentiment. So far, it's working. Today was pretty spectacular. Not in a "wow-look-at-those-fireworks" kind of way. It was more of a subtle shade of spectacular, but I was able to fully appreciate it, because I was paying attention.

Highlights of this day: 

    It was awesome. 
  • Chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce from Sombat's, enjoyed by the ocean, under the sunshine.
  • Sweet vinegary cucumbers. Just last night I was craving those and wondering where I could find a recipe. Ono! 
  • Moments of meditation in the sunshine. 
  • A trip to the farmer's market for fresh veggies and a stop at Abundant Life for snack bars. I'm now stocked up with nutty, fruity goodness. :)
  • A lovely talk on the phone with my sweet Grandma. She has "Club" tomorrow and is making refreshments. I love my Grandma something fierce. 
  • A heart overflowing with love and appreciation. Yeah, it's that good. 
The love list could go on.... and I'm sure it will. After all, "I only have good days!" :)

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