Monday, June 4, 2012

Making It Matter

Question of the Day:


We went on a day trip to South Point on Saturday. It was my first time traveling down through isolated pasture land, over bumpy terrain (4 wheel drive required) through stretches of African-like savannah. Eventually, the road was too rough for our ride- so we parked and walked to our destination by the bay. Our little Hawaiian safari, complete with an ocean-side picnic and an afternoon of beach combing made for a memorable day.

This sign says "Protect the Land"
With Benny, one of our trusty travel companions for the day
When the road gets rough... walk! 

It was worth the journey to get down here. 
A perfect spot for an ocean-side picnic

A bit o' bubbly? Don't mind if I do! 

Benny says "Me too!"

Early treasures

It was super windy. Note to self: Always wear a hat at South Point :)

Happy travelers,  heading home, with drift wood in tow. 

Have you done anything lately worth remembering? 

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