Thursday, September 29, 2011

A few of my favorite things

Ever made a list of what / who you love in life? Thinking positive = FEELING positive, which provides greater power to live the life you want to live.  Here's a sprinkling of my favorite things. Be on the lookout for more! :)

A hot bubble bath. A handful of chocolate chips. My favorite faded jeans and Hawea's softest, most comfy t-shirt. A good massage. Being accountable. Crossing things off my "to do" list. Free wi-fi. Smiles from strangers. Arty glass light fixtures and rich bold coffee. Flip flops year round. Blooming hibiscus and coconut trees. Jewel. Generosity and kindness of strangers. Clearing out the jam. Restoring the flow. Catching up with old friends. Birth announcements- new parents' joy and pride. Warm fuzzy feelings.  Family vacations, nostalgic destinations. Reunions with old friends. Volkswagon bugs (and buses too). Fitting into a little black dress. Hip hop class. Booty shakin'. Roller derby! Nutritious food. French vanilla tea. Books, Nooks, and Crannies.  Live music. Funny people and belly laughs. Basking monk seals. Journal writing. Walks with the dogs. Apple / mac computers and iphones. My rockin' new laptop bag. Long, wavy hair. Jeepin' with the top down. Meeting new people and making friends. Chilling at the beach. Campfires and s'mores. Beautiful Mauna Kea. Being left handed. Blogging. Experimenting in the kitchen. Scrapping all of your plans and doing something else because you can and because you want to. Self respect. Swimming with honu. Diversity and equality. Appreciation. Divination. VACATION. Witnessing selflessness. Giving (and receiving) support. Affirmations. Candle-light. Nuts, berries, spinach and hard boiled eggs. Deep breaths. Stretching. The benefit of the doubt. Money in the mail. Charisma. Digital cameras and social media. Piggy banks. Full gas tanks. Gardens! Nail polish and fluffy pillows. Dreaming. Believing. Doing. Creating.

Oh yes, LIFE IS GOOD. :)

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